Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bracelet

I had a session with my therapist today, and the topic came up of how many animals and symbols I have encountered during my personal journey.  They all mean different things to me, and speak different messages.

She suggested that I make myself a charm bracelet.  I had been considering the idea, and decided to run with it when she brought it up as well.

There is a bat, which represents the purple bat which came to me during a guided meditation with my therapist following a particularly difficult and Spirit-filled personal meditation.  He brought a message of calm and listening.  Bat is reminding me to use the gift of listening to better hear and understand the world around me, as well as listening closer to my own messages for myself alongside those the Holy Spirit may bring. As a totem, bats represent clairaudience and perception as well as an encouragement of precision.

There is a bird.  During a group hypnotherapy session once, I experienced a visit from a silly red bird.  It is included to remind me to take life one step at a time.  My personal journey can only be taken through small, bird-sized steps, not big pieces.  I need to be patient and do tiny bits.  As a totem, little birds represent empowerment and dignity in self-worth.

There are three little silver hearts, representing my husband and my children.  There is a larger red heart representing myself, deliberately on the center link.  I love my three little hearts, and it is critical that I reserve a great amount of love for myself.  I am vitally important and need to stand out in my process of finding beauty and taking care.

There is a giraffe.  He came to me during a group meditation.  I was feeling a great deal of negative body-image.  I asked him why I can't be tall, slender and graceful like him.  His answer was to say, "Watch me drink from this pool, then ask me how elegant I am."  We aren't all elegant all the time.  He symbolizes my journey towards accepting the inherent beauty, and remembering that we are all fallible, I don't hold the monopoly.  As a totem, giraffes represent the connection between the material world and the Divine.

There is a snake.  During my last PTI weekend breathwork, he came to me.  In my breathwork he was blue.  I don't know what his message is, but he has come to me a few times.  The blue chakra is about creativity, personal voice and self-expression.  As a totem, snakes represent change and introspection.

There is a dog.  My strongest, most persistent representation of the Spirit is a big, doofy black dog my family had for a year when I was a Middle Schooler.  His name was Goliath, and he sits with me when I meditate, pray or rest.  He symbolizes to me strength and peace.  The first time he came to me in a meditation, I asked what his message was for me...and he promptly laid down and took a nap.  He tells me to stay grounded, to remain loyal, and to really just take it easy.  As a totem, dogs represent healing, love, clairaudience and companionship.

I love my new bracelet.  When I look at my arm, there is usually a different charm on top.  I use it to remember my messages, learnings and goals.  It is gentle and pretty, with room for representations of more delightful visitors and spiritual manifestations through dreams, prayers and meditation.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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