Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lilacs

As I was out for my morning bit of exercise around my neighborhood and area, I saw dozens of lilac bushes in bloom.  They perfumed the air, and brightened my morning.

The birds were singing, scolding, flying and chattering.  They spoke to me and cheered me on, reminding me of my Little Red Bird, and the promises he conveyed that I will make it through with growth and strength, one little bit at a time.

Everywhere I looked, there were lilacs in all shades of purple and white.  They waved in the breeze and greeted me along the way.

The sun was shining, and I worked up a sweat.  Nothing makes me feel like I got some healthy exercise like a sweaty neck and soaked hair.  My shoes were really squeaky for some reason, and they made me giggle.

The lilacs.  Oh, the lilacs.  They kept marking my progress, and encouraging me.  It was like every time I passed one, I would look for the next one and make it my goal.  Every time I reached one, I imagined blessings and beauty washing over me.

The smokers on their porches waved and called out greetings to me.  The drivers of the delivery trucks all smiled and waved.  Every morning a little black pug dog chases me for about 8 feet before he gets winded and concedes my victory.

I think I want a lilac bush.  Maybe three of them.  I think they would be a beautiful reminder of the peace and beauty that surround me.  I want lavender, too.

On morning like these, it is so easy to see the beauty of creation, the beauty of existence, the beauty of this life.  I am so thankful for mornings like these, where I can feel at peace with the world and encouraged about my progress through life.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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