Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan AVP

After a long and arduous week, here it is!  My shiny, beautiful new mode of transportation.

It was a bit of a challenge, figuring out how to get people from point A to point B, so we decided to rent a car for a week so the family could function.  I will say one thing good about the assured me that we would not be buying a 2012 Ford Fusion.  I smashed my head on the door frame every time I got in or out of the thing.

My husband and I did research.  To be perfectly honest, he did most of the work.  He drove through lots and scoured online and really did the homework.  It was very stressful for him, and the thought of haggling with a car dealer caused a great deal of anxiety.  In the end, he wound up in the hands of a very capable team at Larson Dodge in Puyallup.  They made the process seamless and low pressure, so it was as pleasant as it could be.  They even purchased the Escort from us!

They let him do a test-drive to bring it home.  We put it in the garage (almost had to grease the sides, but it fits!) and let the kids climb around and explore it a bit.  The right car at the right price fell into our hands.

The pricing was phenomenal.  I mean, Dodge has this American Value Package where the vehicle does not have any frills, it is a people-mover with air conditioning.  It was actually a better price to get this vehicle brand-new off the lot than it would have been to get any other brand of minivan pre-owned.  My guess is because the other minivans all come with the frills standard.

Once we settled on this van, things just fell into place rapidly.  We got the best financing we possibly could, and it came through with lightning speed.  Suddenly the money was in our account, instantly we got a cashier's check...went to the dealer and signed the paperwork.

Spending this much money is never a fun thing.  That being said, this happened in the fastest, easiest way it could possibly have.  I still giggle when I get into my van, it is so much fun.

I DESERVE a new vehicle!
I DESERVE great financing!
I DESERVE rapid turn-around on a decision!
I DESERVE to be proud of my vehicle!
I DESERVE a sweet new ride :-)

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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