Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Come Holy Spirit

My very favorite moment of the day is that moment right after the post-exercise shower in the morning.  I have dried off, slathered on lotions and potions, dressed in fresh clothing...and there is that moment when I feel fantastic.  I haven't quite decided what I need to do next, but I'm ready to go.  I feel strong, energized and completely clear.

This morning I felt so refreshed and good that I decided to really anchor that feeling with 15 minutes of meditation.  I sat on the floor in my sun-drenched living room and closed my eyes, slowing my breathing and really making note of how nice I felt.  I said a prayer of thanks for a healthy body, a warm home and this delicious feeling I was experiencing.

I don't often have profound experiences while meditating.  I generally start with a prayer, and then meditate on the response.  I try to focus myself on remaining grounded and in the experience.  Today I was so clear and in touch with myself that I was able to truly open my mind and appreciate the experience as it flowed.

As I rooted myself and worked my way up through my chakras, they all felt grounded, bright, shiny, pure, thankful.  I felt warm and full of light.  In an odd turn of events, when I got to my third eye it was suddenly heavy and dark, like there was a blockage.   I focused on the weight and kept asking it why it was so heavy, what was it needing?  Suddenly, all of the light and energy in the rest of my body felt like it was saying in chorus, "We are in this together!"  Energy was flowing up from the roots, through my body to my third eye...but there was still a strange sadness and resistance.

I was suddenly hit by the phrase "You need to let go!"  It kept reverberating through my mind and I have no idea what needs to be let go, but the message felt directed towards my brain and my third eye.   There is something that my deeper knowing self is needing to let go.  This is not the first time this message has come to me in meditation, and I doubt it will be the last.

I wasn't having much luck getting clear from the bottom up, so I decided to invite light from the top down.  I imagined the sunlight as God's love and the Holy Spirit enrobing my body.  I felt direct light coming through my crown, lighting and warming my third eye.  I opened my palms and felt the warmth in my hands, as a kind of symbol of the light and love of God to cling to.  The weight never completely dissipated, but showering it with light from both directions did seem to help.

Soon, I found myself praying slowly and repeatedly, "Come Holy Spirit, I long to be Sacred"  I started to tear up, and felt a great emotional connection to this one line.  I have no idea what it means, I need to chew on it for a while.  I feel good, I feel pure, I feel energized.

I long to be Sacred.  Come Holy Spirit.  Purify me.  Purify my mind.  Purify my actions.  Make me sacred.  Come Holy Spirit.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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