Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Things #151-200

There are so many beautiful things in my world.  How many moments and experiences of beauty from your own life can you name?  I have challenged myself to keep a running list as they come to me.  This is my fourth installment:

151. Freezer meals
152. Friends to make freezer meals with
153. Our Orkin Lady, Samantha
154. Albertsons doublers
155. Magnetic photo frames
156. Blueberry pancakes
157. Brownies
158. My stapler shaped like a Coke bottle.
159. Unscented baby wipes
160. Mother-ease cloth diapers (bamboo!)
161. Maple Syrup
162. Carnations
163. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
164. Tickets to see Train
165. Shrek
167. Papa John’s pizza
168. Beanie Babies
169. Text messages
170. Lipstick
171. Cross Stitch
172. The Space Needle
173. Alaska
174. My college degree
175. Mechanical pencils
176. 0.9mm lead
177. The Beatles
178. The ability to pay my taxes
179. Decaf grande carmel and Irish Cream mocha with whip
180. The neighbor’s cat’s offerings of livers and other organs on my front step
181. Rumi
182. Canned air
184. Mongolian Beef
185. Teriyaki
186. Those funny seahorses that look like seaweed
187. Washable markers
188. @RumiLoveNotes
189. Safeco Field
190. Taco Time
191. Skype
192. My crockpot
193. Sharpies of all colors
194. Puns
195. Free tax filing online
196. A tax refund
197. My washing machine
198. My dryer
199. Qwerty keyboards
200. Thank you notes

How many more can you name?

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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