Monday, January 28, 2013

Slat Blinds = Evil

Whoever invented slat blinds is on my bad list.  Whoever installed them in my house (before we owned it) is a very rude person who clearly has the wrong priorities.

I dusted the blinds this morning.  It was no easy feat, and it was stinkin' TEDIOUS.

I had to talk myself through the process very firmly.

"All I have to do right now it dust the blinds.  I have no other priorities.  I deserve the beauty that will result from dust-free blinds and the cleanliness of it.  This one slat in my fingers is the only slat I am doing.  When it is finished, it will add its individual beauty to the whole.  When I am done, it will be satisfying and wonderful.  I need to do this with care so it is complete and sincere.  I must remain present."

And so on.  

I accidentally broke off the molding at the top, which, in the past, would have ended up tossed precariously onto some junk pile somewhere until my father visited again and he took care of it out of boredom.  I stopped what I was doing, got out the step-stool and pinched my fingers a few times while I figured out how to reattach it.  Now the job is done to completion.  Small victories are so gratifying.

In the past I have hurried through and "zoned out" while doing this job.  For some reason, forcing myself to breathe my way through it, go slowly, and truly experience cleaning the blinds, I can enjoy them even more now.  There is this odd sense of peace and satisfaction.  I have imparted an intentional energy into their cleanliness.  I DESERVE the intentional energy of my dust-free blinds!

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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