Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Projects Are Not Living

My distaste for having to dig for what I want and then having to bury it again is rearing its ugly head.

The wrapping paper and gift bags are on a shelf that will require the use of a step-stool to reach.  How often do I actually need these items?  Is it really so bad to have to take three more seconds to climb onto a stool to get them down, and then three more seconds to replace them when I am done?  For some reason it is bothering me that I have to do any climbing or digging to access anything I want at any time.

As I was crawling under the antique dining table/sewing table/craft storage table to access my sewing bin, it occurred to me: Projects are not living.

I deserve organization and beauty in my everyday life.  I DESERVE it.  I am WORTH a shiny and beautiful, uncluttered and tidy home.  I only sew a couple of times a year (Halloween and, well...I guess that's about it these days).  When the time comes to sew, is it really so awful to crawl between the table and the wall to pull out the bin of sewing supplies?  I can keep them out while I am using them, then squirrel them away again when the project is over.

Projects are not living.  What this means to me is that while I am LIVING my beautiful life, I don't need daily, easy access to my sewing bin.  I have ready access to my mending kit, but even that takes a little bit of reaching.  I don't need to mend every day.

The urge is to have everything in my home at a level where I can see it and reach it at a moment's notice with minimal effort.  For 30-something years this has not served me in the least.  When everything is reachable, nothing is accessible because it is all jumbled up and confusing.

I am learning that everything I felt was a waste of time is ultimately a time saver.  If I sweep the floor every day, there is never time for it to get gross.  If I squirrel away the wrapping paper, it is easier to reach and use because nothing is burying it.  If I keep the sewing bin under the table, I don't have to remove the mountain that has accumulated on top of it.

Projects are not living.  Beauty and love are living.  Projects come and go, and can be accommodated for as they come.  Beauty surrounds me and I need to open my heart and my mind to allow it to engulf me.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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