Saturday, January 26, 2013

Putting It to Bed

Rituals soothe me.  I love going through routine and the satisfaction of a task completed.  When I have a ritual or a routine, I know that I have not missed a step because I do it the same way each time.

I have a new routine that really settles me for the evening.  I sweep the kitchen (I even move the chairs around!), change the hand towels, wipe off the table, turn on the nightlight over the stove, wipe out the sink and then say out loud, "Good night!" to the room as I turn off the light.  It signals to me that my day is truly over and I can start to come down.

A few nights ago, I stood quietly by my counter in the dark and basked in the glow.  The lights from outside shone in and I felt peaceful and proud.  This is my kitchen.  This is the kitchen I DESERVE.  My kitchen is beautiful and I own it.  It is light and airy, and will be a beautiful place to spend some time making my breakfast tomorrow morning.  What a wonderful way to anticipate starting the next day!

Oddly enough, I have started looking forward to putting my kitchen to bed.  There is a consistency and a finality to it, and it is very simple and quick.  Putting my kitchen to bed is becoming a valued part of my day.  No matter what has happened today, I can go through this little routine and feel good about it.

This is the first time I felt ownership, pride and DESERVEDNESS well up spontaneously.  I am so proud of my kitchen.  I am so proud of my efforts and my success.  Not only have I earned the gleam of it, but I fully own the right to giggle about my shiny kitchen, and I DESERVE the pride welling in my chest as a result.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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