Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cleaning in Process

I love the energy of cleaning in process.  The washing machine going, something airing dry that has just been scrubbed, bleach soaking in a toilet and so on.  For some odd reason, hearing the washer and dryer going makes me feel like things are really being done and it energizes me.

It feels like forward momentum.  It feels like light and air.  It feels positive, especially when there is teamwork involved.  Perhaps this is why the kids like helping with cleaning.  They are so sensitive to energy, and the flow and movement of it is uplifting.  If I am cleaning in the kitchen and hear someone else banging around while cleaning in the bathroom, it feels like teamwork.

When I know there are tasks to complete but I feel like a lump, I repeat to myself my empowering mantra that I can, and I find a load to throw in the washing machine.  The sounds of the washing, the hum of the pump, the rhythmic sounds of the dryer...for some reason which I don't understand, they help me with my momentum.  It feels like things are really getting accomplished, and it feels good.

The hardest part is getting out of my chair.  When I have a case of the "I don't wanna", it takes a lot of self-talk to get going.  Repeating I can do this over and over amps me up, but sometimes it takes a long time to work.  If I am persistent and patient, eventually I can convince myself that it will be worth it.  Putting in a load of laundry is often my first step. There is always a load of something that can be washed. The dish washer doesn't have the same effect, but when all else fails it will do in a pinch.

A washer and dryer are a beautiful thing.  Once they are running, I can start other tasks, and momentum starts to fire.  I love the feeling of cleaning in process because it is such a good thing.  The energy of active cleaning, or tidying up after cleaning, is refreshing and satisfying.  My favorites are the early spring days, when all the windows are open, bedding is airing, the washer is going, something is drying over the sink after being scrubbed and tasks are being completed.

Cleaning in process has an energy that I enjoy.  The kitchen chairs stacked on the table while the floor dries after a mopping make me feel like there is something worth waiting for about to happen. Rags drying on the rack perk me up.  I know I will need to put them away, but that is okay.  Putting them away adds a finality and wrap-up to efforts well spent, uncovering the beauty that I so deserve and already have.  There is a twofold beauty...a clean home and elevated spirits, and it is a wonderful thing.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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