Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beautiful Things #1-50

So many beautiful things abound.  I am on a quest to name as many beautiful things as I can.  Here are my first 50 (in no particular order).  This is my gratitude list of beauty.

1. My children and my husband
2. The first day of school
3. The last day of school
4. Berenstain Bears
5. Little House on the Prairie book series
6. Cable TV
7. High-Speed internet
8. Sweatpants
9. Chocolate
10. Sunrise over Mount Rainier in the Spring
11. How weird my brother is
12. Math
13. Lavender
14. Lilac-scented candles
15. Diamonds
16. Hemp Body Butter from The Body Shop
17. Bubble baths
18. Rain
19. Hyacinth blossoms
20. A freshly mopped kitchen floor
21. Successfully attempting a new recipe
22. Successfully inventing a new recipe
23. Tutoring a student, then feeling their pride when they get a B on the test.
24. Gratitude
25. The constellation Orion
26. Star Trek (all of them!)
27. Funny typos
28. Silpada earrings
29. Being able to knit and crochet
30. Disposable contact lenses
31. Coupons
32. My Smartphone
33. Single Dad Laughing
34. Parenting.  Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
35. Food Network
36. On Demand
37. The Lion King
38. Kirtan
39. My TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
40. Fred Meyer Playland
41. A steady paycheck
42. A job I love
43. Post-It Notes
44. My little red lamp
45. The funny things my children say
46. Holding a small child's hand
47. Rocking a child to sleep
48. Snuggling a sleepy child
49. Kindergarten
50. Facebook

What are the beautiful things in YOUR life?

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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