Monday, March 18, 2013

Potty Training Stinks

Today I can only do a Mommy-rant.  I'm seeking beauty, and the thing heaviest on my mind is not showing its beauty to me.  Commencing Mommy-rant.

My children were sent to this earth for many reasons, one of which is to teach me patience.  Potty training my daughter took 2 years, and I was afraid she'd never be ready for Kindergarten.  It is still hit-and-miss on whether she will make it through the night, even with me dragging her to the bathroom at 1:30 AM every night.  My son is 3-years-old and it is once again irking me.  He gets the potty-ing part, and will last upwards of an hour if he has to.  He will go when I take him, but doesn't voluntarily take himself yet.  But the sirree, he will not have anything to do with the toilet.

All that being said, somewhere there HAS to be beauty in all of this.  All I can see are poopy undies, wet pants, peed-on furniture, tired Mommy and frustrated toddler.  I need someone to help me find the beauty in all of this.

I am just emotionally done being the empathetic potty-training parent.  There are tiny pairs of underpants running my life.  I have nightmares that Thomas the Tank Engine comes alive and jumps off of the undies to scold me for how he is eternally being soiled by my son.  Yes.  I have these dreams.

I'm tired of having to watch the clock so that I don't miss the "window" and then end up having to clean a spot off the couch or the floor.  I'm tired of bringing home poopy undies from daycare, especially on days when I forget them in the car and discover my oversight the next day (ewwww!).  I'm tired of trying to coax a stubborn toddler into trying to poop on the toilet, only to have him walk off and soil his pants three minutes later.

I'm tired of my life revolving around who pooped or peed how much, when and where...then cleaning it up.

Where is the beauty?  Okay, so I'm learning my boundary and how far I can go.  I am practicing patience, and the reward will be so much greater when they are both teenagers and I have no idea what their bathroom habits are.  That is all a ways off...where is the beauty NOW?

Patience.  Love.  Nurturing.  Patience.

I deserve BEAUTY in my life!

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